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TurboIRC is a client with all the features to have a pleasant IRC experience
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TurboIRC is a powerful IRC client that has all the features and tools you need to have a pleasant experience when connecting to any IRC network.
Although there are already many such programs, in this program you will find more than you imagine, because besides the classical features that you can find in all current IRC clients (TurboIRC is fully configurable and allows the use of skins and scripts, including those already made so you can schedule, SSL support, DCC chat and so on), you'll also have a range of unique features.

To start with, in its download page you find options to download it with support for X86 and X64 systems (ie, 64-bit), and in turn, each with an install or portable version. Once you open it, it shows you a simple three-step wizard, very useful for novice users. Also notable are its toolbars and menu design and layout, which make it very easy to use for the advanced user as well as for the beginner.

Among its unique features, it has support for UPnP support , ASCII encoding (default), UTF-8 and many more (configurable per channel), direct and indirect file transfer, multimedia messages, ActiveX controls, and IP v.6 IRC networks.

It also has some features that I had never seen in any other IRC client or script, such as notebook, options to automate operator's functions, insert font changes in every aspect (font name, color, background), and even read aloud the chat!

Definitely, Turbo is an excellent and innovative IRC chat client that is really worth trying.

Sergio A. Durán
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